República Deportiva’s Nataliz Jimenez


Univision’s República Deportiva Nataliz Jimenez records at Histeria Music


We are fortunate enough to have Univision’s República Deportiva’s Nataliz Jimenez stop by the studio on a weekly basis to record VO’s for our client Sedano’s. Nataliz is the voice behind the brand and together we produce the supermarket chain’s weekly specials both for TV and Radio. Make sure to catch her on Univision’s República Deportiva on Sundays alongside Lindsay Casinelli and Félix Fernández starting at 3:00 pm

Histeria Music is a recording studio and audio post-production house located in Miami, FL. We offer full audio post-production, music production, ISDN and Source-Connect, Voice-Over recording and casting and sound design services for the advertising, film, TV, radio, video games and the corporate world.



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