Histeria Music is a music production and audio post-production company located in Miami, FL. Since its foundation in 2003 we have focused on supporting our clients’ communication needs with powerful music and sound that convey a strong message and create a bond with the audience. We offer full audio post-production music production, and sound design services for advertising, film, TV, radio, video games and the corporate world.



Alvaro is our founder and Chief Creative Officer. Since 2003, clients have put his skills to the test to no disappointment. He’s been cutting and editing countless audio bits ever since and is known for his ability to edit audio at lightning speed (which happens to be 3,700 miles per second, depending on air conditions of course). He’s a melomaniac and an avid beer brewer who takes his craft very seriously.



Luis Miguel is our head composer and music mastermind. Since ‘98, he’s written music for numerous advertising campaigns, TV shows and films. He’s a curious multi-instrumentalist who’s known for his unique ability to learn and dominate music instruments of all kinds. A crazy collector of ethnic instruments, he’s an amateur surfer (at best!) and is also known to be a mad Kazoo player.



Gustavo joined our team in 2015 as a sound designer and audio engineer. He’s the latest addition and youngest member of our family. For the past five years, he’s been hard at work editing and sound designing award-winning ad campaigns, perfecting the art of making them sound bigger and keeping our clients relaxed while directing sessions. He was born with a pair of drumsticks in his hands and people swear he’s a poker savant.



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